About  TMP Breeding

The Mitchell Plan for breeding, racing and health

Health is paramount to success in pigeon racing & breeding … and TMP have selected two ranges of products “Gold Bird” and “Yellow Crystals” to offer.

The key feature of both ranges is that they are designed by fanciers, not product manufacturers … people who have used the products in racing themselves!

“Gold Bird” is a family company with a modern look at the pigeon sport - the people who created the company have been passionate about pigeons for many years. Their products are of the highest quality, created in co-operation with the renowned company DAC Pharma from the Netherlands which for many years is a world-renowned manufacturer of supplements and medicines for pigeons of the highest quality.

The range includes specialised vitamin, herbal and mineral preparations supporting the digestive system, muscles, respiratory system as well as the fight against bacteria, viruses and fungi.   The owner of “Gold Bird” says “I cannot see my loft without these products, and certainly those which will be created in the future will be in the racing plan for the next seasons to help in winning the highest prizes.  I strive everyday to improve the condition and, above all, the health of my pigeons, which translates into successes in my breeding loft, as well as for many other outstanding breeders in the world who work with us.”

“Yellow Crystals” are focussed on the health of the pigeons for use in all seasons.  Named after Belgian fanciers Kurt & Raf Platteeuw, winners of 9 x 1st Nationals since 2010, Kurt says “every week, 3 days before basketing, I use the YELLOW CRYSTALS on every one of my race team.  It is essential that the birds have a clear head – to oxygenate and orientate – I am 100% convinced that this is essential for a good result, and a speedy recovery for the next week.  You will be amazed at how much mucus comes out of the head … since using the YELLOW CRYSTALS on my racers & breeders, I have a super healthy team.

"Beyers" range of pigeon corn is top quality, and used throughout the TMP loft.